Ep. 5 – Wesley Chang on photography, design, and multiculturalism

Wesley is a native of Guatemala, and lives in Seoul as a filmmaker and photographer. He studied Visual Communication Design in Hongik University and does various freelance creative projects in addition to his 9 to 5 as an image creator and design specialist. In this episode we talk about the Spanish speaking community here, what it’s like working in a Korean office space, and go deep into Korean design and what it takes to be a photographer here.

If you’d like to connect with Wesley you can find him on Instagram @wesleychangphoto, his website www.weschangphoto.com, or email him at wesleychangphoto@gmail.com


Show Notes

00:45   on the Guatemalan / Spanish speaking community in Seoul


01:30   Korean community in Guatemala


03:41   on multiculturalism in Guatemala


06:50   Korean wave in Latin America


07:50   on coming to Seoul for the first time


10:09   on safety in Korea vs. Guatemala


11:08   on being a Westerner from Latin America


11:54   traveling in Asia


12:30   on discrimination in South Korea


15:50   what it was like studying at Hongik University


18:09   on making friends in Korea


20:00   more on Hong-dae


22:57   finding a job in South Korea


25:08   adapting to Korean work culture


26:35   on professional opportunities for Spanish speakers


27:59   on connecting with Spanish speakers at Mike’s Cabin


29:28   on Guatemalan food // Korean food in Guatemala City


30:39   what the design field is like in South Korea


33:52   what happens if you’re not cute


34:00   Korea’s underground music scene // Love X Stereo


35:00   on the photography scene in Seoul // street fashion photography


39:33   a photography career in Seoul


41:33   favorite place to take photos in Seoul


42:35   what Guatemalan cultural export would work in South Korea?


43:07   least favorite thing about living in Seoul