Ep. 11 – Dmitriy Dyomin on Computer Engineering, Gaming, and the USSR

Dmitriy Dyomin is a computer engineer working in the gaming industry here in Korea. Dimitri was born in the former Soviet Union in what is now Turkmenistan. He was literally a Russian hacker before it was cool, working for the Turkmen government, and eventually made his way to South Korea some ten years ago.

We talk about growing up in Turkmenistan, the game industry in South Korea, and what it’s like working at Epic Games Korea, Dimitri’s current employer.


Show Notes

1:13 what Epic Games does in Korea

03:05 on engine support and Unreal improvement for open world games

08:10 what Epic Games does in Korea II

09:29 working at a Korean game company

10:25 on coding competency in Korea

12:32 applications for Unreal engine beyond games

14:21 characteristics of the Korean gaming scene

16:34 on Turkmenistan

19:18 on computers in the USSR

21:00 chocolate, Mario, and the fall of communism

24:09 on coming to Korea

27:45 on languages

30:55 on citizenship and national identity

34:55 the Russian community in Korea / A Turkmen in Korea

38:30 missing Turkmenistan

40:00 Russian food in Seoul

41:20 what kind of game would you make

41:59 on film

42:35 how do Russians react to living in Korea

43:28 Russian bears

43:51 on getting a job in the game industry

People, Places, Things Mentioned in the Show

3Ds Max

Architectural Visualization (Unreal Engine)

Autodesk Maya



Epic Games


Gears of War

History of computer hardware in Soviet Bloc countries

Lamb Skewers (양꼬치)

Language Policy in the former Soviet Union

Lineage II

Massively multiplayer online game (MMO)


Minecraft Journey to the Edge of the World

Open world games


PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Pyeongtaek (평택)


Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Stans



Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Unreal Engine

Unreal Tournament