Ep. 12 – Christopher Maslon on bodybuilding and self-determination

Christopher Maslon is a professor at Daejeon Health Sciences College and competitive bodybuilder. While not exactly a Settler of Seoul, Chris has lived in Korea for the better part of fifteen years and has experienced what he would call a complete transformation over that time. It was in Korea that he first starting lifting and taking fitness seriously, and now in his mid-40s Christopher is in the best shape of his life, achieving top placements at Korean bodybuilding shows,  appearing in magazines and model shoots, and even a few Korean movies. So it’s a great conversation you’re about to hear, one that I think was worth the trip to Daejeon. Let’s call this episode Settlers of (Mostly) Seoul.

Show Notes

01:10 on getting in to bodybuilding / coming to Korea

04:58 first bodybuilding show

06:10 on motivation and transformation

09:05 off-season numbers

10:15 bodybuilding is a place of equality

11:05 on growing up the fat kid

11:55 Korean gym culture

13:00 Korean gym frustrations

14:52 diet and food

17:55 the three basics of bodybuilding

18:38 idiosyncrasies of Korean bodybuilders

20:25 what are gyms like in Korea

22:20 what is weightlifting

24:39 gym profiles in Korea

27:18 on getting a university teaching job in Korea

28:00 selling Daejeon

28:55 on raising a multicultural family

31:08 on career evolution

34:27 opportunities for foreigners in Korea

35:50 on the future

36:59 the foreigner community in Daejeon // work-life balance in Korea

39:00 three words to describe your body then and now

40:08 Korean bodybuilding shows and funding

42:20 the truth about competitive bodybuilding

44:11 the bodybuilding community

45:20 opening a gym in Korea

47:02 teaching philosophy

48:31 on writing a book

50:48 biggest mistakes in gym

52:02 three recommended books

53:18 end goal

People, Places, Things Mentioned in the Show

2002 World Cup

Bulking and cutting

CultureShock! Korea: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

Daejeon (대전)

Duke (공작) (2017)

Ernestine Shepherd

Fat jiggling machine

Homeplus (홈플러스)

If it fits your macros (IIFYM)

Korea Unmasked: In Search of the Country, the Society and the People

MASLON Fitness

Musclemania Korea

Ordering bulk chicken breast in Korea

Rent a white guy in China

Ugly Koreans Ugly Americans (Cultural and behavioral differences between Koreans and Americans)