Ep. 13 – Daniel Tudor on North Korea, South Korean Beer, and Korean Society

Daniel Tudor 다니엘 튜더

Daniel Tudor is the former Korea Correspondent for the Economist and co-author or author of North Korea Confidential, Korea: The Impossible Country, and Geek in Korea. Daniel is also the co-founder of the Booth Brewing Company, a business endeavor made towards correcting the imbalance of taste between North and South Korean beer. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Somerville College, and also received an MBA from the Manchester Business School. You can connect with Daniel on Twitter, @danielrtudor

Show Notes

00:40 the most important question facing the Korean people­­

04:30 on Gordon Ramsay

06:52 The Booth and small business in Korea

11:18 on the Korean beer market

14:25 how Korea has changed

17:00 on being a foreigner / 외국인 red herring

20:02 on press freedom and Korean journalism

21:54 journalism blackmail

23:54 what Daniel reads 다니엘 튜더

25:49 why Korea?

27:47 minor annoyances

29:40 on managing vs. solving North Korea

32:31 are South Koreans worried about North Korea I

33:50 off-ramps / offensive vs defensive nuclear posturing

38:40 are South Koreans worried about North Korea II

40:32 what the media gets wrong about the Koreas

41:57 is Kim Jong-un really in charge?

44:06 on North Korea’s elite

45:16 on writing North Korea Confidential / changes in North Korea

47:12 North Korean love motel / capitalism in North Korea

49:10 the impact of market forces in North Korea / changes in North Korea

55:42 change from below

56:27 the best beer in the world

57:04 post-Brexit trade opportunities in Korea

58:59 24 hours in Korea / selling Korea

1:02:27 book recommendations

People, Places, Things Mentioned in the Show

‘Little Rocket Man’

Breen: The New Koreans

Brian Meyers  (B.R. Myers)


Chaebol (재벌)

Chosun Ilbo (조선일보)

Corruption in North Korea

Cults of South Korea

Donju (돈주; new moneyed class in DPRK)

Fiery food, boring beer (the article in question)

Frank Zappa

Gordon Ramsay

Hankyoreh (한겨레)


Hongdae (홍대)

James Pearson (Reuters)

Kim, Falletti, Tian: A Thousand Miles to Freedom

Korea Expose

Macías (모나카 마시아스): I am Pyeongyang Monica (나는 평양의 모니카입니다)

Magpie Brewing

Martin: Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader

Monique Macías

North Korea’s nuclear program

North Korean famine (Arduous March)

Park Geun-hye (박근혜)

Press freedom in Korea

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

South Korea’s beer policy (2014)

The Booth Brewing Company (더부스 브루잉)

The Economist

The Guardian

Tudor, Pearson: North Korea Confidential

Yogurt Ladies (야쿠르트 아줌마)