Ep. 18 – Nell Fox on Burlesque and the Art of Seduction

Nell Fox is the leader of Seoul’s first-ever burlesque team, WhiteLies BurlesqueRevue. Nell has been in Korea nearly a decade and performing for over six years. We take a deep dive on what burlesque is, the difference between subject and object, sexism and lookism in Korea, expression, and experiences navigating a sexually conservative society. You can learn more about WhiteLies at www.whitelies.me and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wl.burlesque.

Show Notes

00:52 what is burlesque / sexual subject vs sexual object

03:40 on acclimating to Korea / the stares (and stairs)

08:30 jumping in to burlesque / creating a safe space

14:35 what is a burlesque show like

18:00 Korean reactions

24:00 why burlesque is empowering / “everyone is welcome”

35:24 grievances and bad experiences in Korea

38:20 sexual assault in Korea

44:15 is Korea becoming a better place to live

47:27 on community

49:10 what makes WhiteLies successful

51:10 rapid fire

56:40 book recommendations

People, Places, Things Mentioned on the Show

Aerial silk

Angel House Orphanage

Bedrock (베드록)

Burlesque (뷔를레스크)


Casablanca (카사블랑카)

Crazy Horse

Dding Dong LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center

Defamation law in Korea

Dita Von Teese

Guide to raising pet hedgehogs

Haebangchon (해방촌)

Hagwon (학원)


Korea Queer Culture Festival

LGBT rights in South Korea

MeToo movement

Moulin Rouge (2001)


Patricia Briggs

Self-defense law in Korea

Seoul Global Center

Sillim-dong (신림)

Suki Singapora

WhiteLies Burlesque Revue

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