Ep. 22 – Paul Carver on the Seoul Global Center, International Community, and Football

Paul Carver heads the Seoul Global Center, a multi-lingual, comprehensive support center that provides counseling on a wide range of issues like business, legal concerns, labor disputes and real estate, and much more. The center also provides resources to start your own business, education classes including the all-important language training, and even organize networking and volunteer events for the local and international community. You can connect with the Seoul Global Center here.



Show Notes

01:32 on the origins of Seoul Global Center

02:50 on services offered and ensuring high quality

05:13 institutional support from the government

07:50 on changes in the international makeup of Seoul

09:40 how ‘international’ is Seoul, really?

12:05 on Korean work culture

15:55 on integrating into Korean society

17:06 on startup businesses ideas

19:02 common legal issues in Korea / legal cases

23:35 on industries in Seoul that need foreign talent

25:37 on K League soccer (football)

37:04 good business ideas in Korea

39:48 what Paul doesn’t like about Korea

41:10 what Seoul Global Center will look like in ten years

People, Places, Things Mentioned on the Show

2002 FIFA World Cup

48 Shades of Football

FC Anyang (안양시민프로축구단)

Jeju World Cup Stadium (제주월드컵경기장)

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC (전북 현대 모터스)

K League (K리그)

Moon Jae-in on improving work life balance

Seattle Supersonics

Seongnam FC (성남 FC)

Seoul Global Center

Sheffield Wednesday FC

Suwon Samsung Bluewings (수원 삼성 블루윙즈)


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