Ep. 24 – Laura Bicker on the Media Landscape in South Korea

Laura Bicker has worked for the BBC for 18 years. She is currently the BBC Seoul Correspondent, covering everything from North Korea to women’s rights. She is one of the more well-known foreign correspondents on the peninsula, not only for her excellent news coverage but for her willingness to ask the kinds of questions and dig deeper in a way the local press does not. Connect with Laura on Twitter @BBCLBicker

Show Notes

02:06 on the journey to becoming a foreign correspondent
04:32 on reporting in Washington as an outsider
06:01 on coming to Korea
08:09 on-the-ground perspectives in Korea
11:10 on working in a foreign language environment
14:05 how the BBC reports
16:05 on the state of Korean media
20:17 how rural Scottish childhood informs approach to journalism
22:00 what was learned from Moon Jae-in interview
24:58 on human rights in North Korea
29:01 what’s covered and what’s not in Korean media
30:58 how much longer in Korea
31:31 Rapid Fire Round
35:10 the year ahead in news coverage on the Korean peninsula

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