Ep. 25 – Joey Croner on Running a Board Game Cafe and the Game Scene in Korea


Joey Croner is the founder and owner of The Dice Latte board game cafe in Seoul’s Dongdaemun district. In this interview we talk about the market for board games in Korea, what the locals like to play, discuss what it’s like starting one’s own business in Korea, and how The Dice Latte distinguishes itself from competitors.

This last part is hugely important as board games become tremendously popular not just in Korea but seemingly everywhere. Keen listeners to Settlers of Seoul have noticed the name was inspired by a certain board game – a favorite of my friends and family. Anyway, The Dice Latte is a really cool spot and I encourage everyone to check it out – after, of course, listening to this podcast.


Show Notes

01:21 why open a board game in Korea

03:00 why board games are getting popular

05:29 what’s unique about the Korean board game market

08:16 what kind of board games do Koreans play?

14:00 what is your approach to business // market outlooks

16:40 demographic characteristics

19:00 why did you start a board game cafe?

21:19 starting a small business in Korea

24:35 how did you end up in Korea // opportunities in Korea

29:00 tabletop gaming convention (Goblin Latte Con)

33:33 rapid fire round


People, Places, Things Mentioned on the Show

3D jobs

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Gemblo (젬블로)


Heosik (회식)

Hoegi Station (회기역)

Holli Galli


Joseon (card game)

Laughing Goblin Board Game Cafe (카페 깔깔 고블린)

Magic: The Gathering

Namsan (남산)


Settlers of Catan

Sookmyung Women’s University (숙명여자대학교)


Study rooms/cafe


The Dice Latte

The University of Seoul (서울시립대학교)

Twilight Imperium

Wizards of the Coast


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