Ep. 28 – Robert Koehler on Blogging, Travel, and Photography

Robert Koehler is a long-time Korea resident, who rose to fame – at least among expats in Korea and those interested in the country – by way of blogging. The Marmots Hole, as his site was called, was for a time arguably the most well-known and well-written blog of its kind. It was certainly a tremendous conduit for those interested in Korean politics, society, history, and just general everyday life here.

Now Robert spends his time wearing many hats – he writes books, he edits columns, he tours, and he takes photos – beautiful photos. We talk about all of that, his decision to terminate the Marmot, and what it’s like living in Seoul for some two decades.

You can follow him on instagram at rjkoehler74, and while you’re there check out TooSix Media Group at tsmg_sound. This episode was recorded and co-produced at their studio in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. You can also check them out at their website at toosixglobal.com.


Show Notes

07:20 why did blogging peak for you

09:50 an evolution of ideas

17:20 cynicism in the South Korea expat community / challenges as a foreigner in Korea

22:10 changes in South Korea since the 1990s / gettin

28:20 getting in to photography

38:10 travel writing

43:00 rapid fire round / the next hot place in Seoul



Ghost in the Shell

Hankyoreh (한겨레)

1997 Asian financial crisis

Jeju Island (제주도)

Joongang Ilbo (중앙일보)

Kim Dae-jung (김대중)

Korea Herald

Korea Times

Korean homogeneity

Lonely Planet

Marmots Hole (since deceased)

Military dictatorship in South Korea

Namhansanseong (남한산성)

Roh Moo-hyun (노무현)

Safety in Korea

Secret cameras in South Korean bathrooms (몰카)

Seoul Guide Book

Seoul Selection

Seoul skyline

Seoul: A Curated Guide by Robert Koehler and Hahna Yoon

Shinyongsan/Samgakji (신용산.삼각지)

White elephant projects

William Gibson

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