March 11, 2017


Ep. 28 – Robert Koehler on Blogging, Travel, and Photography

Ep. 27 – Darcie Draudt on Multiculturalism and Korean National Identity

Ep. 26 – Colin Marshall on 30+ Benefits of Living in Seoul

Ep. 25 – Joey Croner on Running a Board Game Cafe and the Game Scene in Korea

Ep. 24 – Laura Bicker on the Media Landscape in South Korea

Ep. 23 – Peter Choi on Seoul’s Architecture and Design

Ep. 22 – Paul Carver on the Seoul Global Center, International Community, and Football

Ep. 21 – Walter Foreman on Korea’s Car Market, Education, and Media

Ep. 20 – Alastair Gale on Japan and the Koreas

Ep. 19 – Matt Rutledge on Voice Acting and Small Business Ownership

Ep. 18 – Nell Fox on Burlesque and the Art of Seduction

Ep. 17 – Susan Sell-Haynes on Athletic Achievement, Sports, and Leadership

Ep. 16 – Ep. 16 – Elise Hu on Journalism, Gender Equality, and Pyeongchang 2018

Ep. 15 – Alek Sigley on North Korea Tourism, Literature, and Beach Parties

Ep. 14 – John Nowell on 62 years in South Korea

Ep. 13 – Daniel Tudor on North Korea, South Korean Beer, and Korean Society

Ep. 12 – Christopher Maslon on bodybuilding and self-determination

Ep. 11 – Dmitriy Dyomin on Computer Engineering, Gaming, and the USSR

Ep. 10 – Alexine Sanchez on Korea’s Impact in the Philippines, Foreign Policy, and Mangoes

Ep. 9 – Joie Reinstein on Korean fashion, creativity, and Hallyu 2.0

Ep. 8 – Tiffany Needham on running a brewery, the Korean craft brew scene, and community building

Ep. 7 – John Lee on running a convenience store, what it means to be ‘Korean Korean’, and cutting taxes

Ep. 6 – Robert Hamilton on “living while Black” and sex (studies) in Korea

Ep. 5 – Wesley Chang on photography, design, and multiculturalism

Ep. 4 – Masha Roslyakova on Russo-Korean relations, challenges for non-native English speakers in Korea, and Moscow’s interests in Northeast Asia

Ep. 3 – Peter Ward on North Korea, South Korean Society, and Learning Korean

Ep. 2 – Manuel Azuaje-Alamo on Japan and Korea differences, East Asian literature, and language learning

Ep. 1 – Robert Kelly on Northeast Asian Security, International Relations, and the Koreas